The mistake of buying a leather steering wheel cover and the right alternative

Worn out steering wheel is the reason most drivers buy a steering wheel cover! Some do it to cover the abrasions and cracks on it, while others to prevent them. In our opinion both cases often turn out to be the worst possible solution. Why is that?

• The feeling of comfort matters, doesn’t it?! Placing a leather steering wheel cover disturbes the original look as well with the feeling of comfort.
• Safetiness – The possibility of cover sliding on the steering wheel shouldn’t be underestimated. In a situation where you have to turn the steering wheel sharply such a slip could be the cause of an accident.
• If you put a cover to protect the steering wheel from wearing, you actually risk worsening its condition without enjoying it even for a day. At high temperatures, it is possible for the inner layer of the case to melt and stick to the steering wheel, irreparably damaging it, which may require reupholstering.
• In addition, the covers do not allow the genuine leather of the steering wheel to be maintained. Thus, over time, dust, moisture and microorganisms damage its leather.

What do we recommend?

Do not put a steering wheel cover in order to store it, but enjoy the comfort created by the manufacturer. If your steering wheel is worn out, do not cover it with a case, but restore it and give it a new life. If you think this is an expensive or complicated solution, keep reading. It is neither expensive nor difficult to make. You will manage on your own, in just a couple of hours.

Genuine leather on your steering wheel is the best you can have. There is no need for covers or upholstery with faux leather or even a genuine one given the fact that for a lower price, the steering wheel can literally becomes like new.

We offer probably the highest quality ready-made kits for restoration of leather steering wheels, leather interiors and all types of leather details, but let’s focus on the steering wheels.
No matter what color your steering wheel is it could be renovated.
Our accurate step by step instruction helps you during the process of restoration. We are sure that you won’t have problems, as we have been on the market for more than 10 years and over 10,000 customers have successfully restored their steering wheels by themselves.

Watch this short video to look at the steps you will have to take on the way to your brand new steering wheel.

How to do it:

Products for steering wheel renovation

Did you see how easy it is? That’s exactly what it is in reality. If you have a leather interior, do not allow it to depreciate quickly. Get acquainted with our kit for cleaning, nourishing and protection of leather. Since we have been on the market long enough, we have lots of feedback from customers who have been using the kit for more than 5 years and their saloons have no depreciation at all – we’re not kidding, that’s the truth.
Take a look at the steering wheel kits as well and choose the one you need. Enjoy the comfort of your renovated steering wheel for years. It will exceed your expectations.

We wish you trouble-free driving!

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