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Flex filler

Flex filler is a product for correction of genuine leather defects such as cracked leather, abrasions or scratches. It could be used for filling holes.

The material is a thick paste that can be easily applied to the damaged area, gives strength to the connection between the leather edges. This allows it to withstand strength and tensile forces due to normal exploitation.


  • High elasticity and flexibility when folded
  • Excellent adhesive properties to leather surfaces
  • Easy to apply


Purpose: For professional use on finished type leather

Packaging: 10ml. / 50ml. / 600ml. (0.3 oz / 1.7 oz / 20 oz)

Application method

After applying allow it to dry for several hours, preferably at room temperature. Аpply the material with the help of a spatula, and after drying, gently remove the protruding amount using a sand.