Leather cleaner light

Leather cleaner light is a specialized product for cleaning leather upholstery that offers deep and long-lasting cleansing. It is solution of Leather Cleaner. It is usually used for cleaning steering wheels before restoration.

Avtorenovacia’s Leather Cleaner light is perfect for cleaning contaminated leather upholstery, steering wheels or other smaller parts of the leather interior.
Excellent for applying on genuine or artificial leather.

A reliable, water-based product, Leather Cleaner gently and qualitatively cleanses the area without affecting or destroying the look and touch of natural leather, while maintaining the natural color.

Cleansing the affected areas is a very important step to maintaining the surface, without which hydration would not have the same effect. The product works quickly and easily, effectively cleaning the pores in depth.
Leather cleaner light meets these conditions and is ideal for use on genuine or artificial leather with a smooth, porous or perforated structure.

Removes even stubborn dirt and is a product that does not destroy the original structure of the leather.

How to use:

  1. Spray the product on the surface
  2. Rub with a brush
  3. Wipe off any dirt with a microfiber cloth


Leather cleaner light comes only in 120ml. package.