General information

Leather Dye

Leather Dye is a professional pigment base for color repair for natural leather. Its fine texture gives a gentle feeling on the restored leather. Because of its good coverage less layers are required.
Apply 2-3 coats with drying time for each of them 15-20 minutes. Drying time could be shorter if using a hot air gun / hair dryer.


This dye is water-based, which is extremely important when applied on genuine leathers. Using “leather dye” of different type can permanently damage the structure and strength of the genuine leather.

Purpose: For professional use on finished type leather

Packaging: 100ml. / 250ml. / 500ml. / 1l. / 5l. (3.4 oz / 8.5 oz / 17 oz / 34 oz / 169 oz)

Consumption rate: 100ml. for 2 square meters / 3.4 oz for 21.5 square ft.

Application method

Leather Dye can be applied with the help of foam tampon, flock roller or spray gun.

Depending on the type of leather you want to be restored, different Hardener, Dye Improver or Hardener are applied to Leather Dye.