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Leather finish for steering wheel

Designed to protect the dyed leather from abrasion and further damaging.


  • Applying in one step.
  • Quick and easy procedure.
  • Excellent adaptation to different application methods.
  • Better wear resistance compared to most products in the segment.
  • Modern PU technology, allowing reduction of polymerization stress without affecting the wear resistance.
  • Prevents dye release

Purpose: For professional use

Packaging: 100ml. / 250ml. / 500ml. / 1l. / 5l. (3.4 oz / 8.5 oz / 17 oz / 34 oz / 169 oz)

Начин на приложение

Apply with the help of a foam tampon. The glare could be adjusted according to the wishes of each client by using different proportions of gloss and mat finish.