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A few years after a car leaves the factory it’s exterior plastic elements begins to burn, fade and lose their saturated and fresh color. This is a completely natural process considering factor as the sun and the treatment with different products when washing the car regularly.
This gives the car a morally outdated look and care must be taken to restore it to its original appearance.


With the Plastic renovator you will:

✔️ Restore the natural depth of the color.
✔️ Achieve long lasting effect with minimal maintenance.
✔️ Renewal the protective layer of the plastic.
✔️ Extend the life of the plastic.
✔️ Give a feeling of a new plastic.
✔️ All this without paints, varnishes or silicones to peel and wash off when washing the car.



The products you are about to love

Why Plastic renovator?

✔️ The specially developed formula of Plastic Renovator allows it to interact with the burnt layer only on the surface level, thus there is no way to burn and damage the plastic, like many other products so far.

✔️ After drying the plastic returns to its original color and appearance as when it was new.

✔️ The product is easy and fast to work with! Apply evenly and directly on a clean and dry surface. Polish after drying.

✔️ Universal product suitable for all colors of plastic.

✔️ Revolutionary product with sure result.