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One of the most noticeable things we wear are our shoes. For self-esteem, both socially and professionally, it is important for each of us to maintain a clean and tidy appearance. This is the opinion of both psychologists and stylists.
We use shoes every day and this leads to their inevitable pollution. This requires the use of quality products for their quick and easy cleaning, as well as for additional nourishment and protection. We at Avtorenovacia, as long-term leaders in the maintenance of leather goods,
present you our new product Shoe Clean & Care, created specifically for shoes made of natural or artificial leather.


Our Shoe Clean & Care kit is made for:

✔️ Cleaning shoes made of natural or artificial leather.
✔️ Nutrition and protection of leather shoes.
✔️ Protective microfilm that prevents the subsequent deep penetration of dirt into the pores of the skin.
✔️ Restore the natural shine of the shoes.
✔️ Allows leather to breathе
✔️ Quick and easy to use



The products you are about to love

Why this kit is so good?

There are many products on the market for cleaning and maintaining leather shoes. Some of them could burn, injure and permanently damage the leather of your shoes, while others simply do not achieve good results.
The Shoe Clean & Care set of Avtorenovacia is water-based and does not impair the qualities of the leather. You achieve premium and fast cleaning without the risk of damaging the shoes.

✔️ The specially developed formula of Leather Cleaner brings out all the dirt from the pores of your leather like no other detergent so far.

✔️ After cleansing and nourishing the leather reveals its original color and softness as when it was new, it becomes durable against subsequent pollution, while remaining clean and fresh.

✔️ The products are easy and fast to work with! Spray, brush, wipe and nourish.

✔️ 100% completely biodegradable and water-based.

✔️ Universal and suitable kit for all types and colors natural, artificial or eco leather.

✔️ Over 12 years favorite product in leather care.

✔️ Thousands of satisfied customers around the world.