Flex filler

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✔Filling surface abrasions on the leather
✔Connecting and filling cracked areas of worn out car seat upholstery
✔Filling cracks on steering wheels, seats, armrest and gear shift
✔Easy to apply


Flex Filler is the most advanced crack filling material for natural leather, which is used for:

– Filling surface abrasions on the leather;
– Connecting and filling very cracked areas of worn out car seat upholstery;
– Filling cracks on steering wheels and gear shift.

This material is a paste which can be easily applied to the affected area, giving a resistance to the connection between the edges of the leather. After drying, the surface should be lightly sanded, and after that – cleaned. Thus, the surface is left extremely elastic and strong, similar to the original leather that has been affected.

Before applying the material, it is recommended to prepare the surface with FINISH CONVERTER and LEATHER DEGREASER. After fixing, the product should be allowed to dry for a few hours, preferably at ambient temperature. The refinement creates a smooth surface that perfectly imitates natural leather.

Flex Filler can be mixed with leather dye matching the original color, and therefore a better finish is to be obtained. Flex Filler makes a flexible layer which resists serious exploitation and damage.


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