Gray Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit With Cleaner

$ 59,00

✔ RESTORES THE LEATHER: Restores the erased upper layers of the steering wheel
✔ REFRESHES THE COLOR: Its special water based dye completely covers the wheel making it like new
✔ PRESERVES THE ORIGINAL SEAM AND CUT: The kit restores upper layers of the leather, while maintaining the original appearance of the steering wheel
✔ SAVES FROM REUPHOLSTERY: The restored leather is very strong and lasts tens of thousands of kilometers

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Gray leather steering wheel repair kit

  • Are you familiar with the look of the worn and cushioned leather on the steering wheel?
  • Would you like to keep the original look of your black steering wheel?
  • Are you happy when you touch the worn out areas of your steering wheel?

All these questions have an easy answer, to which we at AVTORENOVACIA have a solution gathered in just one box that achieves:

  • Restoration of the worn areas;
  • Increased life of  the old natural leather;
  • Unique feeling of brand new leather is recreated;
  • Preservation of the original seam of the manufacturer;
  • The restoration takes only a few hours;
  • Premium quality for all leather steering wheels.

The restoration is very easy and it could be done in several steps: 1. Matting. 2. Converting the old dye. 3. Dyeing. 4. Finishing.

Instructions for leather steering wheel restoration:

For achieving perfect results, strictly follow the instructions for use (step by step) included in the kit.

Gray leather steering wheel repair kit includes:

  • Product for converting the old surface – 0.8 oz (25 ml)
  • Special leather dye for steering wheels – 0.8 oz (25 ml)
  • Specialized leather finish with UV protection – matt 0.8 oz (25 ml) and gloss 0.8 oz (25ml)
  • Scotch bright – 2 pieces
  • Gloves
  • Additional consumables
  • Easy to follow instructions – read and then follow________________________________________

In this set you will also find our product – Leather cleaner light 4 oz. (120 ml) – designed especially for cleaning the leather surface before its renovation.

If, the leather steering wheel is severely cracked or torn, it is necessary to add a filler to your order. 


Short video tutorial for using leather steering wheel repair kit:

Gray leather steering wheel repair kit additional use:

  • Renovation of leather armrest.
  • Small cosmetic repairs of the leather seats.
  • Restoring the color of the gear shift.

3 reviews for Gray Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit With Cleaner

  1. Richard Levinson

    It took me only two hours to make the steering wheel in the best condition I’ve ever seen it. Having a friend and sharing couple of beers with him made this great fun. Thank you!

  2. Thomas Fendley

    Super product! Tested!

  3. Joseph Cusden

    You can find everything on internet today. I am happy I found you before upholstering my steering wheel. The result is excellent. I am now going to buy one of the kits for seats that you are offering. Well done guys!

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