Leather care kit for cleaning, protection and maintenance

$ 49,00

Specialized set for cleaning and maintenance of leather salon with a guaranteed professional result!

✔️ Excellent cleaning qualities
✔️ UV protective
✔️ Hydrates the leather
✔️ Protects from pollution
✔️ Completely biodegradable
✔️ Unlimited 100% satisfaction guarantee
✔️ Extremely efficient

A set specialized for cleaning and nourishing the leather with a sure professional result! Suitable for 6-7 full cleaning and nourishing of entire car interior.

This set achieves:
  1. EXCELLENT CLEANING QUALITIES: Specially developed cleaning ingredients makes the cleaner one of the best on the market
  2. UV PROTECTIVE: Built-in UV filters designed to protect the leather from the strong sunlight
  3. HYDRATES: The selection of oils helps the leather to be soft, hydrated and elastic
  4. PROTECTS FROM POLLUTION: After applying the lotion creates a microfilm that protects the leather from pollution
  6. UNLIMITED 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Proven kit with more than 10 000 cleaned salons.
  7. EXTREMELY EFFICIENT: Cleaning a large volume of dirt with a small amount of detergent


The set is suitable for cleaning and maintenance of:

Leather steering wheels, seats, armrests and other interior details in the car.

Leather furniture – sofas, chairs, armchairs, stools, etc..

How to do it:

This set contains:

  • Professional leather cleanser Leather Cleaner 330 ml. in concentrated form – Special product for deep cleaning and complete removal of any organic dirt from the leather interior. Suitable for around 3 applications of the entire interior of a car.
  • Professional leather nourishing product Leather Protection Lotion 330 ml. – Specialized product for deep and lasting nourishment that refreshes the leather surface. It is used to protect the leather after cleansing, thus keeping it hydrated and taking care of its elasticity and strength. As a result, significantly prolongs its life, creating a soft and elastic surface. It forms an anti-static film preventing re-contamination. Thanks to the UV filter in the lotion the leather is protected from fading. Suitable for around 6-7 applications of the entire interior of a car.
  • Cleaning brush of natural bristle.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • x2 Sponges.

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3 reviews for Leather care kit for cleaning, protection and maintenance

  1. Matthew Baker

    I had forgotten the real color of my interior. This is unbelievable Thank you!

  2. Donald Allen

    I can recommend this kit! I it amazing! You rock guys!

  3. Paul Payne

    The results are great, thank you guys!

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