x2 Automotive Screen Cleaner 100 ml. (3.4 Oz)

$ 25,80

Do you wish to swiftly and simply clean the screen on your car?

AUTOMOTIVE SCREEN CLEANER 100ml is a product that was created especially for this use. You can use it to ensure that your display—whether in your car, phone, house, or workplace—will always be crystal clear and enjoyable to use.

Car Screen Cleaner features:

  • Quick action that ensures simple cleaning of car screens, navigation, and more with just one motion.
  • After use, there are no residues or oily stains, guaranteeing a clear and clean screen.
  • It keeps the screens from scratching, which is crucial for maintaining the screen’s quality.
  • Sufficient for more than 700 sprays

Comes with a specially chosen microfiber cloth that is easy to use, safe to use, and perfect for cleaning screens without leaving behind dust, lint, or other residue.

These days, screens are a constant in our life and can be found in phones, cars, homes, and workplaces. They make it easier and more comfortable for us to work, socialize, and interact with the outside world. Screens—whether they be on phones, laptops, or tablets — give us vital information and serve as our conduit to the outside world. To ensure that we can easily and long-term enjoy their benefits, it is crucial to maintain them in good condition.

AVTORENOVACIA’S AUTOMOTIVE SCREEN CLEANER is the ideal solution for sanitizing monitors and displays, including navigation systems and automobile screens. Its quick-acting immediate formula will allow you to have a crystal-clear screen in a matter of seconds! Our specially formulated product won’t scratch or leave greasy streaks or marks on any kind of screen. So, put an end to your troubles with improper cleaning supplies and ineffective screen cleaning! You will receive the ideal screen cleaning product with AUTOMOTIVE SCREEN CLEANER, which will simplify and improve your quality of life. Try our screen cleaning product without hesitation to always have a spotlessly clean screen!

In addition to the already mentioned benefits of the product for cleaning car screens and monitors, there are other factors that should be considered when choosing such a product.

The product’s safety for the user is a top priority. Given that it is applied to screens, navigation systems, and other monitors, it is crucial that it be free of harsh chemicals that can harm them. It is crucial that the product cleans these surfaces without causing any damage or scratches as a result.

The product’s ease of application and ability to remove oily stains and residue after usage make it a valuable addition to the list of features. That’s why it comes in a spray form, which simplifies and expedites application.

The product comes in a small spray package with 100ml of liquid, which is sufficient for more than 700 sprays. The product is applied with great ease and convenience thanks to the extra microfiber cloth that comes with it. It also helps to keep the screen spotless and clear by preventing scratches.

The product’s broad range of applications makes it a safe and reliable universal helper for any screen, independent of coating.

To sum up, we can state that AUTOMOTIVE SCREEN CLEANER is designed specifically to clean and shield automobile screens without causing scratches or leaving behind greasy stains or particles. It is simple to use and includes a microfiber cloth, making application quick, simple, and convenient.


Content of the kit:

  • 1 pcs. Special fine microfiber cloth.


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