x3 Plastic Renovator

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Product qualities:                             


  • Freshens the color of faded and mat plastic surfaces
  • Protects against atmospheric influences
  • Protects plastic surfaces
  • Removes traces of varnish
  • Silicone free


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With time, impact of the Sun and its UV rays the plastic elements of exterior of the car such as: bumpers, door moldings, wipers, mirrors, etc. begin to fade, burn and lose their color as well as feeling of freshness. Thus, they acquire a dilapidated and worn appearance.

Plastic Renovator is an innovative product for the restoration of plastic surfaces on the exterior. It interacts directly with the burnt layer and chemically penetrates its micropores, interacting with the original pigment, reactivating it again. Thus, the plastic regains its original appearance. After drying for several hours, the material seals all the micropores without changing the basic relief structure set for initial production.

This product can be used in all exterior elements of cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc., no matter their color.

The product is not silicone-based, does not wash off with water after drying. It does not contain dyes that stain and wash away.

Product qualities:
– Freshens the color of faded and mat plastic surfaces.
– Protects against atmospheric influences.
– Protects plastic surfaces.
– Removes traces of varnish.
– Silicone free.
– Easy and fast to use.
– Suitable for all colors

Application: For external elements only
Apply only on well washed, dried, degreased and not hot surfaces while on shade. The application should be made with gloves by using an applicator. After 15 minutes wipe off excess material with a sponge or lint free cloth. If necessary repeat the previous steps. Wait several hours to absorb.


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