x3 Tire dressing – Satin effect 500 ml.

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x3 TIRE DRESSING 500 ml. – Satin Effect 

High-end tire care is provided by this satin-effect tire polishing product. Your tires will be shielded by our tire dressing from the damaging effects of the weather, direct sunlight, dirt, dust, leftover road oil, etc.


  • Easy and fast application
  • Gives satin appearance
  • Protective


TIRE DRESSING The 500 ml Satin Effect product offers superior tire care by polishing and maintaining tires with a satin finish. The rubber is shielded by the product from the damaging effects of the weather, including sunlight, dirt, dust, and oil residue left on the road, among other things.

The tire dressing is in ready to use form.

Step 1: Spray at a distance of roughly 20 to 30 cm (0,5 – 1 ft) onto a dry, well-cleaned tire.

Step 2: Use a brush or sponge to apply the product.

Step 3: Let it air dry.





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