Shoe Clean & Care - The perfect shoe care kit

Give your shoes the care they deserve

One of the most noticeable things we wear are our shoes. For self-esteem, both in social and professional life for each of us is important to maintain clean and tidy appearance. This is the opinion of both psychologists and stylists.
Using shoes on a daily basis leads to their rapid staining. This requires the use of quality products for quick and easy cleaning, as well as additional nourishment and protection.
As a long-term leaders in the maintenance of leather goods we are presenting you our new product Shoe Clean & Care created specifically for shoes made of genuine, artificial and eco leather.

Shoe Clean & Care - the set that every pair of shoes needs

A set created with professionalism and style by the specialists you have trusted for over a decade.
Shoe Clean & Care – cleans, nourishes, protects and all this with easе, speed and efficiency.

This kit is made for:

✔️ Premium cleaning of shoes made of genuine and artificial leather.
✔️ Nourishment and protection of leather shoes.
✔️ Creating a protective microfilm that prevents the subsequent deep. penetration of dirt into the pores of the leather.
✔️ Restoring the natural shine of the shoes.
✔️ Allows breathing of the leather.
✔️ Quick and easy to use.

Where it is used?

Genuine leather shoes

For cleaning, nourishing and preventing contamination.

Artificial leather shoes

For cleaning and preventing contamination.

Other leather accessories

Belts, wallets, cases for glasses and telephones, bracelets, book covers, etc.

Shoe Clean & Care - Set created by professionals

The wise choice for your shoes. Give yourself clean and tidy shoes.

Reliable partner with a proven result!

WHY is Avtorenovacia’s Shoe Clean & Care kit so effective?

There are many products on the market for cleaning and maintaining leather shoes. Some of them could burn, injure and permanently damage the leather of your shoes, while others simply do not achieve the results required.
The Shoe Clean & Care set is water-based and does not impair the qualities of the leather. You achieve premium and fast cleaning without the risk of damaging.

  • The specially developed formula of Shoe Cleaner allows it to interact with the contaminated leather without risk of damage, while cleans it quickly and easily.
  • The second product in the set is Shoe Conditioner – Designed to gently soften and protect your shoes from deep soiling, thus preserving the original colors for a longer period of time.
  • In the Shoe Clean & Care set you will find all the necessary accessories for application of the products – Brush with genuine hair, microfiber cloth and sponges.
  • This kit is easy and fast to work with.
  • Universal product suitable for all colors of leather shoes.
  • Product with guaranteed action and reliable result.

When the results speak the words are superfluous!

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