Plastic Renovator - Revolutionary restorer of the color of faded plastic

To make the old, burnt and faded plastics of your car look

A few years after a car leaves the factory, its exterior plastic elements begin to burn, fade and lose their saturated and fresh color. This is a perfectly normal process given the effect of the sun, as well as regular car wash washing.
All this gives the car a morally outdated look and care must be taken to restore it to its original appearance.

Plastic Renovator - the restorer of external plastics

Easily renews burnt and faded plastic on the car’s exterior thanks to its revolutionary formula. Avtorenovacia’s Plastic renovator is a indispensable product for anyone who cherish the look of their car.

This product is “guilty” for:

✔️ Restoring the natural depth of color.
✔️ Long-lasting effect with minimal maintenance.
✔️ Renewal of the protective layer of the plastic.
✔️ Extending the life of plastic.
✔️ Delaying aging.
✔️ Creating a feeling of a new plastic.
✔️ All this without dyes, varnishes or silicones to peel or wash off when washing the car.

Where it is used?

Front and rear bumpers, side moldings

For always fresh and beautifully saturated bumpers, side moldings and sills

Mirrors and elements around the wipers

Old and burnt mirrors can look perfect again with minimum effort

Plastic elements around the headlights and engine

For protection and improving the appearance of the engine shell

Plastic Renovator - The plastic restorer you must have!

High quality product with a special chemical composition for solving the problem with burnt and faded plastics on the exterior of the car.

Reliable partner with a proven result!

WHY is Avtorenovacia’s Plastic Renovator better than others?

There are many products on the market with cheap and compromised quality that can burn, injure and permanently damage the plastic elements on the exterior of the car. With the Plastic renovator you will refresh the plastic elements, while not damaging them and you will preserve them better over time.
  • The specially developed formula of the Plastic Renovator allows it to interact with the burnt layer only on the surface level, thus there is no way to burn or damage the plastic like many other detergents so far.
  • After treatment and drying of the product, the plastic returns to its original color and appearance as when it was new.
  • The product is easy and fast to work with! Apply evenly on a clean and dry surface, allow it to dry and then polish.
  • Universal product suitable for all colors of plastic.
  • A product with revolutionary action and sure result.
  • Doesn’t wash and retains its effect for a long time.

When the results speak the words are superfluous!

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