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Our kits for leather restoration are specially designed to restore cracked and worn out leather. Recreating the technology of leather finishing, they restore the upper layers by applying the new dye and protect it with a specially developed highly resistant varnish for steering wheels. This procedure has been tested thousands of times and proven effective over time. All the sets preserve the original leather and eliminate the need of replacing it with a new one. They also preserve the original seam and cut. You can even choose to make your leather element more sleek or matte according to your personal preferences. All of this without sealing the pores of the leather.

It is very important to point that these sets recreates the factory finishing steps and does not differ in any way from the qualities of a brand new leather.

They are:


Time and experience have helped us make the kits as comfortable and easy to work with. By following the step-by-step instructions each customer easily manages to restore their leather and enjoys a long-lasting result.

Our kits eliminate a number of disadvantages of other alternatives such as covers, re upholstery or replacement. Тhey preserve the original leather, do not violate its characteristics and do not give prerequisites for development of microorganisms (such as covers do). Rediscover your leather interior now with Avtorenovacia’s sets.



The products you are about to love

Why restoration of leather is needed?

No matter how good the leather interior in your car is, it will wear out over time. When driving or just riding, the leather is subjected to various tests and amortization. For example, the surface becomes contaminated with greasy secretions from our bodies.

Almost every car owner who takes care of his car has faced the problem of worn coverage at least once in his life. Therefore, it is very important to protect the leather with products specially made for the purpose so they can keep it strong and hydrated at the same time. If you missed that moment and it is already worn out, don’t worry you are about to learn how to restore it!

What does the restoration looks like:

  • Cleaning the surface before starting the whole procedure is the first step that most people prefer to omit. Dirt is like an insulator that does not allow the dye to connect with the next layer and reach in depth. This will cause problems in the future related with the life of the renovated leather.
  • The leather must be completely degreased in order to obtain the highest quality of adhesion and uniformity.
  • If there are scratches and cracks on it you will need to carefully remove them. This is best done with sandpaper and abrasive sponges.
  • The dye offered in each kit is specially prepared, water-based, to cover and recondition traces of wear.
  • Last step is putting a varnish, without which you cannot say that the procedure is complete. The varnish protects against wearing, damaging and release of dye. It is a particularly wear-resistant finish that is created for the needs of protecting and maintaining a long-lasting effect after the procedure. Without it, signs of wear will appear way sooner.

You will find all the needed products for completing these steps in our specially made kits for leather restoring.

When there are cracks on the leather, Flex filler should be used.