Frequently Asked Questions about leather care and repair !

Questions related to the leather interior of my automobile

1. How can I protect the light-colored leather interior of my car from stains and abrasions?
It is best to use a skin lotion with a protective effect. It has to be applied on clean salon. This prevents stains from materials such as jeans and significantly reduces the worn of the leather interior. Rubbing cannot be stopped due to things like buttons on clothes, zippers, etc., but if you use a protective lotion monthly the leather will be in much better condition than before.

2. When I bought my car the seller told me that there was no need to protect its new leather interior, is that correct?
This is wrong. Protection and nourishment of the skin is good to start with the purchase of the car, because when it is new the leather is even more vulnerable. It is better to protect and nourish the skin salon from the very beginning as it is amazing how quickly the skin itself could be damaged if it is not protected.

3. How can I restore the leather seats of my car?
All you need is one of our leather renovation kits. We will also provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions.

4. Can I restore my seat without removing its leather?
It is better not to upholster the leather seats. You can directly perform the recovery on them. The procedure requires a few simple steps and it will be more comfortable to work directly on the seat where the leather is stretched.

5. How long will my seat last after the recovery?
This is a relative issue as it depends on how you will be taking care of the restored items. The technology and products for the restoration are professional and all the factory principles for the production of finished leather are observed.

Questions related with furniture restoration

1. My jeans leave stains on the light leather sofa – what can I do?
Light-colored leather sofas are becoming more and more popular and this type of coloring is becoming a common problem as paint is transferred from one material to another. This can be avoided by using genuine leather products for protection.

2. One of the children stained our leather sofa with ink and the scars can’t come out. How could I remove the blue ink from our cream-colored sofa?
Chemical ink is a viscous oil-based material that is quickly absorbed into the upholstery and that makes it difficult to remove. You can use our Leather degreaser: However, it will be completely effective, if treated immediately after contamination; the longer you leave the ink, the harder it will be to remove it.

3. Will it matter if I place my leather sofa next to a heater?
Be careful not to place furniture too close to a radiator or other similar heat source. Make sure there is at least 2 meters of space between your furniture and the heat source, otherwise you risk damaging the leather of the sofa and fading its color.

4. Will there be any traces left of the recovery process?
Many companies will tell you – no, but we are open and we will tell you – Yes in most cases. We offer only the highest class equipment and products for the restoration of natural leather. The result of the recovery is visible to each person differently, depending on their eye. 99% accuracy can be achieved.

5. Can I get free advice from you?
Yes you can. This is part of our business philosophy. You can always contact us and we will try to solve your problem.

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