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The steering wheel is one of the main elements in the interior of every car. It also has a very important function. Every mile traveled contributes to its depreciation. Sooner or later comes a moment when the steering wheel is so depreciated that it is already worn out. This leads to disturbed feeling of luxury, driving comfort and safety.

repaired beige leather steering wheel from Lincoln

Avtorenovacia steering wheel repair kit

The helper who has been bringing our wheels back to life for over 12 years.

With this kit you will:

✔️ Restore the erased upper layer of the leather
✔️ Achieve color renewal
✔️ Save on re upholstery with new leather
✔️ Preserve the original leather
✔️ The original seams and cut of the leather steering wheel remain unchanged

TOP product for all black leather steering wheels

Black leather steering wheel repair kit

Finish converter + Black color dye + Varnish for steering wheel + Consumables for work +Product for primary cleaning

$ 49

WHY Avtorenovacia Steering wheel repair kits are superior to all others?

There are various products on the market that claim to restore the steering wheel, but the quality and desired result is most often in questionable. We take responsibility and guarantee the effectiveness of this kit. Thousands of satisfied customers are also a testament to its quality. With it you will restore the steering wheel without damaging the skin.

  • The specially developed over time recovery system restores the color and durability of your steering wheel.
  • The products are easy and fast to work with!
  • Instructions step by step!
  • 100% completely biodegradable water-based.
  • Universal and suitable sets for all colors of leather steering wheels.
  • Over 12 years a preferred product in leather care.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

When the results speak the words are superfluous!

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