Over the years, the leather of every car wears out and loses its sense of luxury. The dye begins to rub off, cracks and tears appear on the seats. This leads to unpleasant visual effect and creates discomfort while driving.

Of course, the most common solution to this problem is upholstery with a new leather. Quality upholstery with genuine leather costs up to several thousands, while faux leather upholstery is a trade-off that usually cost half the price.

If you don’t like how this investment for your car sounds, just keep reading.

You don’t like how this investment for your car sounds, don’t you? Meet the alternative that is as effective and durable over time, but way more cheaper. It doesn’t change the factory look, as well as seams and cut in the interior.

We present you the solution that thousands of other customers have already chosen: Restoration of the leather —>

With our sets for seat renovation you will achieve:

✔️ Long-lasting restoration of the leather.

✔️ Restored leather color.

✔️ Preservation of the original seams and cut.

✔️ For perforated leather – preservation of the original perforation without clogging the holes.

✔️ Prolonged leather life.

✔️ Premium quality

Look what you can achieve

Why I can do it myself ?

🚗 The process of restoration is easy and achievable.

🚗 Step by step instructions included – just follow them.

🚗 No worries for consumables – we have prepared everything necessary.

🚗 More than 10 000 people already made it and share their result with happiness.

🚗 We are working hard more than 12 years to make the process of restoration easy and accessible for everyone.

🚗 Our sets are suitable for every color leather interior.

Take a look at the scheme to find out how easy the process is:

How to do it - short video tutorial

See the results our clients achieved and make sure you can too!

How to choose the right product?

🛒 1. Your leather interior is dirty, has cracks and abrasions – choose a complete solution without compromising on a promotional price:

🛒 3. Your leather interior is super clean, there are no cracks, but has abrasions:

What our customers say:

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