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The pleasure of having fresh and luxurious leather.


The leather we have at home, in the car or in the office is exposed to depreciation and pollution on a daily basis. Over time, it began to look more and more dilapidated and neglected. Thus, it increasingly loses its sense of luxury and comfort, which is the meaning of the genuine leather.

Avtorenovacia's leather cleaning, protection and maintenance kit

Easily removes all accumulated impurities for great maintenance of genuine, artificial and eco leather. Thanks to its revolutionary formula, Avtorenovacia’s leather care kit is a great helper for anyone who appreciates their leather goods.

With this set you will achieve:

✔️ Deep cleansing of the pores of genuine, artificial or eco leather.
✔️ Permanent softening.
✔️ Protective layer on the leather for harder staining and easier cleaning afterwards.
✔️ Extended leather life.
✔️ UV protection.
✔️ All this without sealing the pores of the leather, which would otherwise significantly reduce its life.

TOP product with universal application for all leather types

Leather care kit for cleaning, protection and maintenance

Cleaning + Nourishing + Consumables

$ 69.99

Where it is used?

At home

For clean leather furniture: sofas, armchairs, chairs, etc.

In the car

Extremely effective product with a proven results in the automotive interior

At the office

For always clean furniture in your office for you and your customers or partners.

Leather care kit for cleaning, protection and maintenance

Avtorenovacia’s leather care kit is your reliable partner in the fight against stains and dirt. Our products are used in various fields and always with a PROVEN RESULT!

WHY Avtorenovacia’s leather care kit is superior to others?

There are many products on the market with cheap and compromised quality that can burn, injure and permanently damage your leather interior. We take responsibility and guarantee the effectiveness of this kit.
With it you will clean the leather and you will not damage it while preserve it better over time.

  • The specially developed formula of Leather Cleaner allows the binding and neutralization of any organic dirt in depth like no other detergent so far.
  • After cleansing and nourishing the leather refreshes its original color and softness, while remains protected from dirt and UV rays.
  • The products are easy and fast to work with! Spray, brush, wipe and nourish.
  • 100% completely biodegradable water-based.
  • Universal and suitable set for all types of leather.
  • Over 12 years a preferred product in leather care.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

When the results speak the words are superfluous!

See how it’s done:


Leather cleaner – Leather cleanser with guaranteed fast and professional result!

With Leather cleaner you will achieve:

  • Cleaning of heavily and slightly contaminated leather.
  • Quick and uncompromising removal of old dirt.
  • Immediate effect.
  • Fast results.

Suitable for:

  • Leather interior in your car.
  • All plastic elements in the coupe.
  • Leather furniture at home or office.

Leather Protection Lotion – Nourishing and protecting of leather goods.

With Leather protection lotion you will achieve:

  • Softening of old and dried genuine leather.
  • Natural shine.
  • Protective layer preventing secondary contamination.
  • High efficiency.

Suitable for:

  • Leather interior of the car.
  • Leather furniture at home and office.
  • Leather interior in yachts, planes, etc..
See the results our customers achieved and make sure you can too!

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