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You can look at some of the statistics for us and our company. For more than 10 years we have been building the future together with our clients and partners.

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The Beginning

We stared 13 years ago as two brothers doctors full of love with cars. At the dawn of our creation we opened leather salon restoration center. As doctors, we pay attention to detail, quality and problem solving. In our case, the problem was how to restore the leather finish permanently. At the beginning we started with foreign products and we were shocked and disappointed by the results achieved with them. The salons we had restored didn’t last long, but the people had paid and they wanted quality. As doctors we couldn’t afford it. This is why we decided to create our own formula. Of course, the beginning was very difficult because we couldn’t achieve the results we have today. The perfectionism in our products, the strong protective layers, the quality cleaning agents penetrating in depth, the methodology for forming the exact color, the water-based products as well as the overall finishing system – all this took us a lot of time, efforts and a huge financial resources in constant testing, chemical changes and improvements. We have researched many types of products to find out what isn’t good in them, what interferes with color, what interferes with durability, what doesn’t clean well and of course all this has already been removed.

We started selling our products and only when our customers restored their cars themselves and we gained over 5,000 positive reviews, we became convinced that we have made the recovery process accessible to the average person. Only after that we dared to start looking for our first distributors. The first companies which had became our distributors shared their fascination with the quality of the products, how easy is to operate with them, as well as the strength and reliability they provide. Later, their customers began to give them feedback on how many tens of thousands of kilometers they have traveled and still their wheels and seats looks like new, how soft the leather becomes and how high the experience is in the restored leather interior. Now this presentation is with you and we sincerely hope that you will soon become part of our family, and that soon you will be the ones who will give a great experience to your customers using high quality products. We hope together to eliminate our competitors and gain market share, offering the highest quality at a reasonable price. If you have a service, then very soon you will be able to give the best service on the market. You will have the confidence that when you restore a steering wheel or salon it will have a long life and even longer, if the customer does maintenance procedures using our products for leather maintenance.

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