Beige Leather Steering Wheel Repair Kit With Cleaner

$ 59,00

✔ RESTORES THE LEATHER: Restores the erased upper layers of the steering wheel
✔ REFRESHES THE COLOR: Its special water based dye completely covers the wheel making it like new
✔ PRESERVES THE ORIGINAL SEAM AND CUT: The kit restores upper layers of the leather, while maintaining the original appearance of the steering wheel
✔ SAVES FROM REUPHOLSTERY: The restored leather is very strong and lasts tens of thousands of kilometers

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Beige leather steering wheel repair kit

  • Are you familiar with the look of the worn and cushioned leather on the steering wheel?
  • Would you like to keep the original look of your black steering wheel?
  • Are you happy when you touch the worn out areas of your steering wheel?

All these questions have an easy answer, to which we at AVTORENOVACIA have a solution gathered in just one box that achieves:

  • Restoration of the worn areas;
  • Increased life of  the old natural leather;
  • Unique feeling of brand new leather is recreated;
  • Preservation of the original seam of the manufacturer;
  • The restoration takes only a few hours;
  • Premium quality for all leather steering wheels.

The restoration is very easy and it could be done in several steps: 1. Matting. 2. Converting the old dye. 3. Dyeing. 4. Finishing.

Instructions for leather steering wheel restoration:

For achieving perfect results, strictly follow the instructions for use (step by step) included in the kit.

Beige leather steering wheel repair kit includes:

  • Product for converting the old surface – 0.8 oz (25 ml)
  • Special leather dye for steering wheels – 0.8 oz (25 ml)
  • Specialized leather finish with UV protection – matt 0.8 oz (25 ml) and gloss 0.8 oz (25ml)
  • Scotch bright – 2 pieces
  • Gloves
  • Additional consumables
  • Easy to follow instructions – read and then follow________________________________________

In this set you will also find our product – Leather cleaner light 4 oz. (120 ml) – designed especially for cleaning the leather surface before its renovation.

If, the leather steering wheel is severely cracked or torn, it is necessary to add a filler to your order. 


Short video tutorial for using leather steering wheel repair kit:

Beige leather steering wheel repair kit additional use:

  • Renovation of leather armrest.
  • Small cosmetic repairs of the leather seats.
  • Restoring the color of the gear shift.

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    Amazing result! Thank you!

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