Leather dye

High quality polymer water-based leather dye:

  • Excellent coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Good flexibility in bending and unfolding
  • High wear resistance
  • Great toning options

Over time the dye from our leather interior begins to fall. This requires restoration of the interior, as one of the steps is the application of dye.

The specialized leather dye of Avtorenovacia is water-based and completely biodegradable, which is extremely important when applied on natural leather. Use of other types of paint can permanently and irreversibly to damage the structure and strength of natural leather.

This product has been specially developed and repeatedly improved to meet the high modern requirements for durability in the automotive and furniture industry.

Genuine leather in these industries is most often from finished type and once the varnish is worn, the paint very quickly begins to fall.

Avtorenovacia Leather dye creates an excellent new layer of paint that restores the original integrity and feeling of natural leather. After applying the dye, a varnish should be applied for significantly increasing the wear resistance.

Applying dye and varnish provides great strength, while not staining or sticking to clothes.



Basic colors: White, Black, Brown, Light brown, Yellow, Red and Blue.

Rich recipe base with more than 3000 colors including variety of car brands.

Toning options of over 30,000 colors with individual coloring.



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