x2 Shoe Clean & Care

$ 40,90

Kit made for:

✔️ Cleaning shoes made of natural or artificial leather.
✔️ Nutrition and protection of leather shoes.
✔️ Preventing deep penetration of dirt into the pores of the leather.
✔️ Restoring natural shine of the shoes.
✔️ Allowing leather to breathе
✔️ Quick and easy use

We all love fashion, especially when we choose our wardrobe not according to trends, but according to the colors and style of our personal character. Clothing is a reflection of our individuality, mentality and current state of mind. Of all the types of clothing, however, shoes suffer the most damage. With them we boldly step into the future, play sports, tread in the imperfections of city life or in the freedom of nature. They absorb everything that is poured on us, so they deserve special care.

We know very well that it is not preferable to put leather shoes in the washing machine or to wash them by hand. At most to ruin them, and at least not to get the desired result. That is why we have created a new product for cleaning and maintaining shoes, which you can also use for bags and other small accessories made of genuine and artificial leather – the Shoe Clean & Care set. In a few easy and quick steps including the use of cleanser and nourishing detergent, you can not only polish your shoes, but you can also maintain the condition of the leather and prolong its life. The set is not suitable for other types of leather, such as suede and nubuck.

The main ingredient in the formula of the nourishing preparation is a set of oils that penetrate the layers of the leather. Both products in the set are specially designed for leather and work without damaging it. In turn, the natural hair brush contributes to even easier removal of dirt and stains, keeping its structure intact. This makes Shoe Clean & Care not only gentle, but also environmentally friendly. Suitable for stains from mud, dust, food and beverage stains, sediments from the years and more. Created with a look to both ladies and gentlemen. Both for personal use and as a gift.

2 sets Combo. Each of them contains:

Shoe Cleaner 120ml. – Water-based cleanser that does not damage the structure of the leather, does not clog pores and does not dehydrate. In this way leather is maintained for a longer period, while maintaining its ability to “breathe freely”.

After using no pigments are released, which ensures the preservation of the natural and saturated colors of the shoes. The side parts of the soles are also suitable for cleaning with Shoe Cleaner, while at the same time their yellowing becomes difficult.

Shoe Conditioner 120ml. – Nourishing preparation that is applied after cleaning the shoes to keep their leather soft and supple. It also creates a layer that protects against further deep pollution and adverse weather conditions. The build in UV filter protects against strong sunlight.

The preparation has a fresh aroma and soft texture, which gives a velvety feeling to the leather.

Natural hair brush – Designed for gentle and efficient cleaning of shoes without damaging the leather, while reaching its deepest layers and folds.

Microfiber cloth – Highly absorbent microfiber cloth for easy removal of extracted dirt from shoes.

Sponges – Two foam applicators for fine application of Shoe Conditioner.


How to use the Shoe Clean & Care kit:

To clean your shoes from dirt, spray Shoe Cleaner and brush them with the brush included. Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Afterwards apply Shoe Conditioner to maintain leather radiance. Spray on the surface and in circular motions go through the entire shoe using the pads included in the kit.

After 10-15 minutes polish with a microfiber cloth. Your clean shoes are ready for new adventures!

You can see the procedure and the result clearly in the videos below:




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