When really is the time to reupholster my steering wheel?

Not every car needs steering wheel reupholstery. Most of the steering wheels are covered with synthetic materials, but if you are one of the people who have a leather steering wheel in their car, continue reading the article.

The steering wheel should always be clean and good looking. As important as the teeth are, for a person’s smile, as important is the comfort of the car for rider’s experience. Although it is subject to great amortization from constant friction and temperature amplitudes, the steering wheel can always look great without the risk of slipping, which can occur, if you use the simplest wet wipes to maintain it. Please, never do it. You do realize that you don’t brush your teeth with the same product you use to wash your hands, don’t you? So it is with the leather steering wheel. Maintenance and comfort are achieved with specialized car cosmetic.

But let’s get back to the topic of steering wheel upholstery. How much depreciated a steering wheel must be in order to need reupholstery?

Once the surface layer of the steering wheel is damaged, layer by layer erasure occurs until the base of the leather is reached. If you don’t take appropriate measures there will be deeper damaging and perforation of the base, respectively tearing of the leather steering wheel.
It is important to note that minor defects such as 2 to 3 cm are completely repairable and do not require reupholstery of the steering wheel.

Remember that there is no better alternative than the original leather steering wheel, so we recommend that you maintain it and, but if your wheel is already damaged you just have to restore it. Restoring the steering wheel is easy and quick process with our steering wheel kits.
These kits are tested and proven to be effective. They are easy to use and achieve long-lasting results – confirmed by over 10,000 customers.

If you don’t take timely measures to restore the steering wheel and it is already severely damaged, then reupholstery of the steering wheel becomes inevitable. Damage to the underlying polyurethane pad under the leather requires reupholstery.
If you get to that, don’t make the mistake of using faux leather. Reupholster your steering wheel with genuine one and maintain it as well as all other leather elements in your interior.

Breaking up the connecting seam is disastrous
The other reason for reupholstery is in case of violations in the connecting seam. This occurs when the seam is mechanically torn for some reason and more often when the thread is burned by the sun.

Make an effort to avoid reupholstering of the steering wheel!

What do you lose when reupholstering?

– The steering wheel will never have its original authentic appearance.
– No matter how good the upholsterer is, he could not recreate the original stitching and cut.
– The choice of leather in color, texture and thickness is also different. Thus, the steering wheel will certainly lose its original appearance.


Does all this make sense given the fact that there is a better alternative?

You can restore the erased leather on your steering wheel with the appropriate specialized products and you will achieve a long-lasting effect with great durability. You will not change its seam and cut. You will keep the original color and all this will be achieved quickly, easily and at a good price.
Upholstering with genuine leather from a good upholsterer costs much more than our recovery kit, but the life of the steering wheel after the recovery is certainly no shorter than the life of the upholstered one.



When reupholstering the steering wheel you will leave your car for 2 or more days. When restoring, you will be able to do it yourself for couple of hours at a time convenient to you!


Watch the video to learn more about the repair procedure.

It’s really easy and guaranteed to be effective. The finish is so strong that you will hardly feel wear in the next 50,000 kilometers. Of course, it all depends on the depreciation rate, exposure to direct sunlight on very hot days and more. In any case – the original steering wheel deserves maintaining.

Steering wheel renovation kits

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